10 Abandoned Places Being Reclaimed By Nature

Nature has the destructive power to topple, crack, and encase the strongest man-made structure. Nature also has a calm, peaceful power that allows it to grow unnoticed around humans.

The power of nature is unparalleled. When it is given the chance to thrive on the remains of human creation, it has the ability to take the neglected and forgotten and turn them into breathtaking sights. Here is a list of 10 extraordinary examples from all over the world of nature reclaiming abandoned places.

10 Ross Island India

10 Abandoned Places Being Reclaimed By Nature

During the 19th century, the British started a settlement on Ross Island, part of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The 0.3-square-kilometer (0.1 mi2) island was used as a penal colony for Indian mutineers, who were forced to clear the thick forests there. In 1942, high mortality rates due to waterborne disease and the fear of Japanese invasion led the British to abandon the island.

Today, the Indian Navy does not permit civilian settlements on Ross Island. Therefore, large sections of the island are abandoned. Without human disturbance, the ficus tree roots have been able to grow around the remaining buildings and take back their land.

The marvelous roots engulf every inch of the abandoned structures, growing in breathtaking shapes in and around what used to be the homes of the island’s inhabitants. Visitors can explore the island’s undisturbed beauty, in stark contrast to its dark colonial past.

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