10 Best Booster Car Seats of 2022

10 Best Booster Car Seats of 2022

When your child has outgrown their car seat harness, but they’re not quite ready to sit directly in your vehicle’s back seat, it’s time to transition to a booster seat.

There are two options for booster car seats: high back or backless. High back booster seats offer the support and protection of a car seat, but use your vehicle’s seatbelt to clip your child in rather than a harness. The booster appropriately guides the seatbelt through the shoulder of the back across your child’s chest, and through the arms of the seat across your child’s legs at the top of the thighs. When your child is big enough that they no longer need the shoulder guide, they may be ready for a backless booster seat, which only guides the seatbelt across the lap. Many booster seats transition from high back to backless.

What to look for when shopping for a booster car seat

  • Height and weight limits: All booster seats come with minimum and maximum height and weight specifications. To ensure proper seatbelt placement and optimal security, make sure your child fits within those ranges.
  • Seat adjustments: For the safest and most comfortable ride, look for a booster seat that offers neck or back height adjustments. Some models also feature width adjustments that can offer a more custom fit.
  • Easy cleaning: Regardless of age, spills happen. Luckily, like infant and convertible car seats, many booster seats offer removable machine-washable seat covers and padding.
  • Design: Big kids have opinions, and they’ll likely want a booster seat that looks cool. Many seats come in a range of colors and patterns to choose from, as well as accessories like cup holders and snack trays that allow them to keep their items close.

Monterey XTDIONO

10 Best Booster Car Seats of 2022

As a high back booster, the Diono Monterey XT offers both height and width adjustments as well as two recline positions, helping to achieve a more custom fit than other options. Or for kids who don’t require the added support, remove the back completely. This booster has an expanded weight and height range, safely accommodating children up to 120 pounds and 63 inches tall, with a wide comfortable seat and two retractable cup holders. This seat also comes in a range of attractive, rich colors with covers that remove for machine washing.


10 Best Booster Car Seats of 2022

This booster seat has a 6-position height adjustment and transitions from high back to no back, offering a range of options to get the ideal fit for your child. Its upper weight limit is 110 pounds, higher than comparable options, and it has a removable machine-washable seat pad and dual cup holders. Plus, it comes in a few color and pattern options and costs just $45.

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