10 Best Cooling Pillows of 2022, According to Bedding Experts

10 Best Cooling Pillows of 2022, According to Bedding Experts

It’s no secret that a sweltering sleeping environment can ruin a perfectly good night’s rest. And while a pillow can’t stop your hot flashes or a super warm climate, sleeping on a cool-feeling fabric or a temperature-regulating material certainly can help you feel cooler.

A good cooling pillow should not only feel chill; it also needs to be comfy to sleep on and support your head and neck to avoid neck pain. To find the best cooling pillows, our textile pros evaluated washability and durability in the Lab.

What to look for in a cooling pillow

  • Cooling technology: Look for fabrics with actual cooling technologies like Outlast or 37.5, which can absorb and release heat to keep your body at a more stable temperature while you sleep, preventing night sweats before they start. Some other fabrics offer a cool to the touch feel, but it may not stay that way all night long.
  • Ability to clean: If you tend to sweat at night, it’s even more important that you are able to wash your pillow. Look for a pillow that’s entirely machine washable or has a washable cover. Some of the top-tested pillows on our list only have machine-washable covers, so we recommend investing in a good pillow protector for those picks.
  • Sleeping position: Even if it has the coolest feel, an uncomfortable pillow will keep you up at night. Make sure to choose a pillow that’s suitable for your sleeping position, whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper, as that’s the best way to avoid neck pain in the morning.
  • Material: While using a cooling pillowcase will make a big difference, the fill material can still have an effect on the pillow’s cooling capabilities. Memory foam tends to hold onto heat, so opt for styles with added cooling gel or other innovations to reduce overheating.
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If your current sweaty pillow is keeping you up at night, read more below about the best cooling pillows that our testers swore helped them maintain a stable body temperature while sound asleep.