10 Famous Landmarks That Were Put Up For Sale

Over the centuries, certain places, steeped in history, come to symbolize their time, to represent the values a people hold dear, or to stand for a particular lifestyle unique to a city or a country. Such precious places seem irreplaceable. The notion of selling them as if they were mere commodities would strike many as unorthodox, to say the least.

Nevertheless, as incredible as it may seem, some of the most revered landmarks on the planet have been put up for sale. Several of them have actually been sold, a few more than once.

10 Carter’s Grove Plantation

10 Famous Landmarks That Were Put Up For Sale

Carter’s Grove Plantation occupies one of the most historic sites in the United States: a parcel of land near colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, overlooking the James River. It was privately owned for centuries before it was donated to the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation in the 1960s.

The plantation proved expensive to maintain. The foundation closed it in 2007, and Carter’s Grove was sold to Halsey Minor, a wealthy Virginia businessman. When Minor experienced a financial reversal and declared bankruptcy in 2011, he put the property up for sale. Chicago businessman Samuel M. Mencoff purchased it for $7.5 million in 2014.

The Georgian mansion suffered from neglect during the time Minor owned it. Plaster and brick were damaged by water leaks, and “simple maintenance work [was] left undone.” Through a spokesperson, Mencoff, a noted preservationist, said he’s proud to have assumed stewardship of the property and intends to preserve it as he works in association with Colonial Williamsburg to accomplish this goal.

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