10 Impressive Examples Of Animal Self-medication

Human beings have been using natural methods of disease control like medicinal plants for centuries, but so have animals. It is such a common phenomenon that it has its own name, zoopharmacognosy. Whether it involves utilizing the healing properties of other animals, plants, or even trash, animals will do whatever they can to keep themselves healthy. Numerous species exhibit this behavior, from tiny insects to large apes. Here are a few of the most intriguing examples.

10 Elephants

10 Impressive Examples Of Animal Self-medication

Animals care about their young just as humans do, though some species are more attentive parents than others. They also work to have as healthy a pregnancy as possible. Pregnant animals use plants the same way an expectant human mother would take medication.

There are numerous reasons for speeding along gestation, from potential birth defects to a pregnancy that takes a large physical toll on the mother. African elephants are known to eat labor-inducing plants that local humans use for the same purpose. The elephant gestation period is long, and even when there is no medical necessity to accelerate the pregnancy, the poor creatures may simply be tired of being pregnant.

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