10 Impressive Examples Of Animal Self-medication

8 House Sparrows and Finches

10 Impressive Examples Of Animal Self-medication

Most examples of animal self-medication involve natural elements like plants and other animals. However, animals are resourceful creatures that will use whatever they can find in their environment to improve their own health. Some species may even use human trash for medicinal purposes.

Birds now often live in environments that are full of humans and their garbage. Fortunately, this may occasionally be an asset to the animals. One study suggests house sparrows and finches place discarded cigarette butts in their nests because the nicotine deters mites. A bird that is not infected with mites will obviously be healthier. While it is still not advisable to callously throw cigarettes on the ground, it is impressive that an animal could find a way to use the things humans discard to improve their health.

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