10 Impressive Examples Of Animal Self-medication

7 Wood Storks and Starlings

10 Impressive Examples Of Animal Self-medication

The same plant can be useful for easing numerous ailments and for many different species. The same medicines can treat many different diseases, and humans can feel the same positive effects by copying an animal’s self-medicating behavior. This is true of the almost identical behavior of two different species of birds.

The wood stork and the starling may look very different, but they share a desire to stay as healthy and infection-free as possible. Starlings use herbs to ease a host of skin problems like ulcers, sores, and eczema, and wood storks will reuse the starlings’ old nests, filling them with the same plants. The birds improve their own health and that of their offspring with this behavior. Humans have also picked up on the potential benefits. Pharmacists use herbs similar to the ones chosen by wood storks and starlings in their own skin medications. It is like a medicinal cycle, able to benefit three different species at the same time.

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