11 Best Martial Arts for Self-Defense

11 Best Martial Arts for Self-Defense

2. MMA

On our second spot is arguably the most popular martial art of our times, MMA. MMA is what gave rise to organizations like the UFC and Bellator, and is also what has proven to be the best way to pressure-test different arts. 

MMA, or mixed martial arts, isn’t a singular entity. It is basically a process, within which the given individual tries their best to become the best all-around fighter. This means placing a large emphasis on striking, wrestling, grappling, and more; virtually all the areas of fighting that humans have come up with to date. 

The reason why MMA is the second-best is exactly this well-roundedness. With many martial arts, like boxing or wrestling, I have even mentioned that their one drawback is their unidimensionality. Well, that is simply not the case with MMA, since it clearly focuses on filling all the gaps in one’s fighting knowledge. 

There is literally no area in which MMA is weak. Of course, this means that an MMA fighter will not be the best in a singular area, but that isn’t even the goal of fighting for competition, and especially not for self-defense. 

In self-defense scenarios, you need to know how to handle stand-up fighting and grappling as well. MMA provides the basis for a rock-solid self-defense skillset that is virtually undefeatable in the street by any singular art. If a highly skilled boxer attacks you, you get a takedown and submit them on the ground, and vice-versa. This is the strength of MMA. 

MMA is also available in many places, seeing as the rise of the UFC and other competitions have had people searching for this sort of fighting practice en masse. The learning curve can be customizable and is always adapted to the individual’s needs, which makes MMA all the better. 

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