30 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tennessee

11. Beale Street

30 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tennessee

Beale Street is one of the most famous streets in the state of Tennessee, located in Memphis and spanning from East Street to the Mississippi River.

It is approximately two miles long and is commonly known as one of the best spots for tourists in the area, lined with restaurants serving scrumptious fare and clubs that play blues and soul music.

But Beale Street isn’t just a fun location – it’s also an iconic street with a significant amount of historical value.

It played a big part in America’s blues music history and continues to have a role in it today, with outdoor concerts and festivals galore.

Even if you’re not a fan of the genre, when looking for what to do in Tennessee, Beale Street isn’t something easily overlooked.

It is the main entertainment center of Memphis and is very lively and exciting, making for a great destination to check out this weekend.

Address: Memphis, TN 38103, United States

12. Sun Studio

30 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tennessee

Sun Studio, first known during its opening in 1950 as the Memphis Recording Service, originally shared a lot with Sun Records.

Today, it is among the many cool places in Tennessee that hold historic value, known as the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll music.

It earned this title after Rocket 88 was recorded here by the Delta Cats and Jackie Brenston in 1951.

Since then, many musical icons have worked in what is now one of many fun Tennessee attractions, including Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, and, of course, Elvis Presley.

The studio was reopened with its current, modern name in 1987 by Gary Hardy, and it continues its reputation for being the world’s most famous recording studio.

Sun Studio is still professionally used today, but they do offer tours and even a free shuttle service that goes to and from the Rock N’ Soul Museum and Graceland.

There’s even a small gift shop for souvenirs and clothing.

Whether or not you like rock ‘n’ roll, this is one of those places to see that you just can’t miss.

Address: 706 Union Ave, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

13. Belle Meade Plantation

30 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tennessee

Belle Meade Plantation was merely a log cabin set on 250 acres of land when it first was founded by John Harding in 1807 in Nashville, Tennessee.

In its heyday, the plantation home welcomed a wide range of guests, ranging from celebrities to gentlemen, and even including presidents.

Over time, with the financing of the region’s richest family, it grew to take up 5,400 acres of land and blossomed as a horse farm, which had its own train station, a Revival mansion, and even a deer park.

There was, of course, also housing for slaves, who worked on and tended to the land.

Now, with only 34 acres of it remaining, this is one of the more sobering places to visit in Tennessee, but worth a visit while you’re sightseeing in the state.

It’s one of the best ways to get a glimpse into the way the world was back then.

A tour can lead you through the mansion, or you can walk around the grounds to visit the slaves’ quarters, among other locations.

Address: 110 Leake Ave, Nashville, TN 37205, United States

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