30 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tennessee

17. Graceland

30 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tennessee

Elvis fans aren’t the only people who will get a kick out of Graceland, one of the best Tennessee destinations.

It is America’s second most commonly visited and toured home, with the White House taking first place.

The mansion’s tour is provided via an interactive method, using iPads, and hosted by none other than John Stamos.

When you tour Graceland, you will visit many different rooms that are just as they were when Elvis left it – the living room, the kitchen, the office of Elvis’ father, the TV room, and even a rather fun offering called the Jungle Room.

You will also have the opportunity to step into the airplanes used by Elvis, and finally, to visit the Meditation Garden.

This is where the king of rock ‘n’ roll was laid to rest, alongside his family.

The home was converted to a museum and opened for public perusal in 1982 by Presley’s own remaining family.

It is now listed among the sites on the National Register of Historic Places, a true accomplishment for this Tennessee spot.

Address: Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38116, United States

18. The Bell Witch Cave

30 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tennessee

The Bell Witch Cave is one of the more unique Tennessee attractions on this list.

It is named after Kate the Bell Witch, known as a terrifying spirit with a scarier story behind her.

Legend has it that even Andrew Jackson, who came by to check on the disturbances, was scared by her doings!

Her tale is simple – a witch began to frighten a family on a farm in Tennessee known as the Bell family in 1817, using eerie sounds to keep them from sleeping.

She then escalated to violence and eventually poisoned the father of the family.

She would go on to torment the daughter of the family in frightening ways, only stopping when the daughter called off her engagement.

But one of these legends is a kind one.

A group of children stumbled upon a karst cave, 500 feet in length, and as they explored, one was stuck in a cave.

He panicked, and a disembodied voice answered him and he was pulled free by an invisible woman.

The witch then supposedly gave him a lesson in cave safety before vanishing!

If you visit the spot this weekend, you’ll find conflicting stories.

Some claim the Bell Witch was never evil but lived in the Bell home, and others point out how scary the cave can be.

Either way, if you love spooky things, the Bell Cave is one of the most interesting places of interest to visit.

Address: 430 Keysburg Rd, Adams, TN 37010, United States

19. The Crystal Shrine Grotto

30 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tennessee

The Crystal Shrine Grotto was completed in the 1930s out of concrete, though it certainly doesn’t look that way.

A mix of odd-looking stones, religious imagery, and truly exceptional handiwork and craftsmanship, this is one of those Tennessee attractions that may make one scratch their head.

Like many points of interest, the Crystal Shrine Grotto doesn’t hold quite the same atmosphere it did when it was first created.

Meant to provide a reflective, serene space, it appears more like a Christian-themed neolithic park today.

The grotto rests in the center of the Memorial Park Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee, the work of Dionicio Rodríguez, an artist commissioned to make the cemetery more aesthetically pleasing.

It was created by digging nearly 60 feet into a hill and is decorated with cement and quartz, which meld together to make a fun glowing appearance.

Address: 5668 Poplar Ave, Memphis, TN 38119, United States


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