30 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tennessee

20. Mud Island River Park

30 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tennessee

The Mud Island River Park itself isn’t often considered a must-see in Tennessee, but the five-block-long River Walk that it is home to is definitely worth the trip.

Why? Because it allows you to view the world’s fourth longest river in the span of a few hours.

The River Walk is a replica of the Mississippi River.

Every 30 inches of the walk equals about a mile of the real river.

You will learn all about geographical marvels and historic events as you walk on through this Mississippi in Tennessee.

The walk ends at the “Gulf of Mexico”, an enclosure spanning an acre.

Here, you can enjoy a boat ride over its 1.3 million-gallon water content.

As an excursion, this is one of the most fun things to do in Tennessee.

Address: 125 N Front St, Memphis, TN 38103, United States

21. Grand Ole Opry

30 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tennessee

The Grand Ole Opry is famous worldwide, so it’s definitely among the best when it comes to places to see while you’re in Tennessee.

Originally, what we know as the Opry today was just a radio broadcast called The WSM Barn Dance that first began in 1925.

It first broadcasted from the Ryman Auditorium before moving, in 1974, to the Grand Ole Opry House.

The Grand Ole Opry is still hosting country music concerts every single week, with big names like Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood.

The concerts are broadcasted across many channels, as well as the Opry’s own website.

There’s a reason it’s known as American music’s home, and as far as Tennessee attractions go, it’s one not to be missed.

Address: 2804 Opryland Dr, Nashville, TN 37214, United States

22. Adventure Science Center

30 Best & Fun Things To Do In Tennessee

The Adventure Science Center is one of the more fun places to visit in Tennessee, and it’s great for those tired of the music-themed or historical spots that Tennessee is so well known for.

Kids and adults alike can find some activities to their liking here.

The center boasts interactive displays designed to teach kids about all sorts of science topics, ranging from space to biology.

Children can try out flight simulators, try a photo booth that will show them what they may look like as adults, and learn about becoming astronauts.

Plenty of demonstrations are available, with friendly and loving staff.

There are countless locations with the Adventure Science Center, including the Adventure Tower, Space Chase, and more.

It’s worth noting that the planetarium, as well as some other locations, cost extra to enter.

Address: 800 Fort Negley Blvd, Nashville, TN 37203, United States

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