45 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog: How to Start a Blog for Free in 2022

45 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog: How to Start a Blog for Free in 2022

14. Stick to a theme for better SEO and a stronger follower base

One of the biggest mistakes I made early on, and see other bloggers making, is not sticking to a theme for your posts.

I get it – people are diverse. We all have multiple interests. You might be a photographer who also loves travel and marketing. But your blog won’t benefit from talking about all three things. Here’s why:

  1. Finding the right readership will be difficult. How many people do you know that are travelers, photographers, and marketers? (OK maybe that’s a decent-sized niche, but you get the point.)
  2. SEO will be more difficult. Google likes sites that are solely dedicated to a single topic because it knows exactly what that site is about.
  3. Monetizing your blog will be harder. Money comes from direct, targeted traffic. If you’re spreading yourself too thin, you won’t get the quality traffic you need.

If you really must talk about different things, I recommend starting a blog that’s totally separate. Unless you can really find a niche audience and still have very strong posts around each topic, it’s just not worth it.

15. Use your audience to choose topics

Randomly picking topics based on what you think your readers might like is a lot like playing the lottery. Maybe you win, maybe you don’t.

But what if you let your audience tell you what they want to hear about? That’s a guaranteed win.

Here are a few ways you can find out:

  • Reach out to them on social media or via email and just ask!
  • Send out a survey to your email list, or by using Qualaroo.
  • Read the comments people left on your blog or on competitor’s blogs.
  • Go to forums in your niche and see what people are asking about.
  • Use Buzzsumo to find common questions around your topic:
45 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog: How to Start a Blog for Free in 2022

The cool thing about Buzzsumo is that once you write an article answering a common question, you can go to that forum where they asked and link back to the article. (Just make sure to add more insight and not just a link, or you’ll get banned from most places.)

So asking your audience is pretty easy. You can even do the last three ideas if you’re just starting out and don’t have an audience yet.

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