45 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog: How to Start a Blog for Free in 2022

22. Stop writing intros like high school research papers

If I had to pick one piece of content that’s had the greatest impact on my blogging, it’s this one from Grow and Convert:

45 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Blog: How to Start a Blog for Free in 2022

Content Marketers: Stop Writing Blog Intros Like A High School Research Paper

It had such an impact on me because I immediately knew that I was guilty. I was bringing my high school English repertoire to my blog, and that wasn’t good.

Now, I try to speak with readers, not at them. If you want people to engage with your blog, you should do the same.

I won’t rehash what Devesh said because he already laid it all out perfectly. Just read his post and try to start applying the ideas to your writing – and don’t wait, do this right now as you’re learning how to start a blog for the first time.

23. Don’t wing your content. Make a plan

When you’re starting a blog, you have a whole world of topic ideas available to you. As a result, it’s easy to fly by the seat of your pants and still do just fine. But as your blog ages, two things start happening:

  • It becomes harder and harder to come up with unique content ideas.
  • You develop more refined promotion tactics for your blog posts that actually require some planning.

When that starts happening, it helps to have a plan. In this case, that’s an editorial calendar.

Your editorial calendar is basically your entire content plan, from topic ideation all the way through to promotion.

It helps ensure that you post consistently, know what you’re going to write about, and have proper time to promote your content.

For a free solution that’s perfect when just starting a blog, you can use Trello or the Editorial Calendar plugin. Otherwise, CoSchedule is one of the most popular editorial calendar services.

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