9 Surprising Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Kiss You

3. You Try To Kiss Her When People Around

9 Surprising Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Kiss You

Hey, if you fit this description, she is not to blame. You must consider her sentiments as well. You shouldn’t compel her to kiss if she feels uncomfortable doing it in public.

Instead, pick a quiet area for her. At home or in your automobile is the ideal location. She will feel most secure here, and after that, she will kiss you without a doubt.

4. You Never Show Her Your Emotional Angle

Women are sensitive. They approach every choice with emotion. Therefore, it is a bit challenging if you believe that you can understand everything without entering an emotional context.

Although there is a remote probability, it is feasible. Therefore, if you want to kiss her and win her heart, you must approach her from an emotional place. Let her know how much you care.

5. She Is Not Seduced Yet

In actuality, seduction is also necessary for a kiss. Therefore, you are doing it incorrectly if you try to kiss her without entering a romantic frame of mind. You must entice her.

She won’t get ready to kiss you if you haven’t enticed her enough. You might flirt with her to try to seduce her. Make her feel romantic by doing something sweet, and your long-awaited kiss will come true.

6. You Are A Dead Kisser

Who is a dead kisser, do you know? someone who gives dead-dead kisses. You don’t exhibit any enthusiasm, emotion, or seduction when you kiss her. You are a dead kisser if you are simply kissing her dead body-style.

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Lip contact alone does not constitute a kiss. It’s the moment when you share both a bodily and emotional experience. You must thus demonstrate your existence to her. Show some movements and reactions.