Awkward Child Stars Who Turned Insanely Hot

Awkward Child Stars Who Turned Insanely Hot

Most people can look back to a point in their youth when they were a little awkward. Hopefully it happened in elementary or middle school, and not later in high school, as it did for me. (Jeez, those were some rough years.) Lucky for you, though, you’re not famous (or are you?) and half your life isn’t spent in front of a camera. Why, you ask? Well, with the riches comes the overexposure. Thanks, paparazzi! While your awkward phase lives on only in some private memories and photos, young celebrities have their worst looks immortalized forever. Of course, then they get older, shed that youthful demeanor, and put all of that awkwardness behind. Like us, these awkward childhood stars can now look back fondly on their former selves and marvel at what they have become. (What, you don’t marvel at what you’ve become? Just us? OK…)

Take a look at these incredible transformations that have happened before our eyes. Do you remember all of these child celebrities? Take a trip down memory lane as we reveal the most beautiful caterpillars-turned-butterflies who are now Hollywood A-listers, and others who have struggled to find fame since their prepubescent days.

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