Best Electric Skateboards in 2022

9. Meepo V3

Best Electric Skateboards in 2022

Price: $469.99
Speed: 28 mph
Range: 11 miles
Weight: 17 lbs
ShredLights Compatible: Yes, (front = standard mounts, rear = flat mounts): Meepo V3 Lights

The Meepo V3 is one of the most popular if not the most popular budget electric skateboard on the planet. It has a very good price-to-performance ratio and out of the 3 main budget boards (Wowgo 2s Pro, Backfire G2 Black, Meepo V3) has the most performance. What the V3 gains in speed and power, it loses in comfort, smoothness, and range. Meepo’s quality control seems to be more hit or miss than Backfire and Wowgo though, some V3’s we’ve owned have run for 1,000+ miles without a single issue and others have been riddled with problems.


  •  Speed (for the price)
  •  Power (for the price)
  •  Price 


  •  Less range than competition
  •  Throttle/Braking Curves are harsher than competition
  •  Build Quality

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