Best Electric Skateboards in 2022

13. Meepo AWD Pro

Best Electric Skateboards in 2022

Price: $859.99
Speed: 34 mph
Range: 15 miles
Weight: 28 lbs
ShredLights Compatible: Yes, (front = standard mounts, rear = flat mounts) Meepo AWD Pro Lights

The Meepo AWD Pro is a very powerful and fast board, unmatched speed and power for the money. For someone looking in the sub $1,000 range of the budget category for raw performance at all costs this is a good choice. With this performance comes tradeoffs; the acceleration and brakes on this board are very jerky. Even experienced riders with this throttle can be thrown off. For heavier riders, this jerkiness is less noticeable and the riding experience is much more manageable. As this board is designed for heavier riders, the deck is super stiff making comfort another afterthought.


  • Power
  • Speed
  • 4WD Traction


  • Jerky Throttle/Brake curves
  • Weight
  • Comfort

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