Best Electric Skateboards in 2022

14. Wowgo AT2

Best Electric Skateboards in 2022

Price: $1099.99
Speed: 24 mph
Range: 19 miles
Weight: 30 lbs
ShredLights Compatible:bYes, (front = standard mounts, rear = standard mounts) Wowgo AT2 Lights

Off-road access has never been so cheap. The Wowgo AT2’s wooden deck and foam grip tape makes one of the most comfortable rides on any terrain at a price many street boards can’t compete with. Its double kingpin trucks allow for a fun carving experience and are constructed in a way such that you can adjust both kingpins without disassembling the whole board. 


  • Comfort
  • Versatility on and off road
  • Price 


  • ESC limits the motors and will heat up significantly
  • Double kingpins are a personal preference 
  • Stock bushings may be unstable at high speeds

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