Best Electric Skateboards in 2022

Electric Skateboard Buying Guide

Before buying an electric skateboard, there are a few key factors that are important to the overall buying decision. Below we’ve compiled a few factors to consider:

Removable Battery and Drive Train

  • Having a removable battery and changeable wheels are both hugely beneficial when riding a board. On the Revel kit for example, a rider is able to bring a spare battery or two in a backpack and in less than 30 seconds change a dead battery for a new one and keep riding. 
  • Wheel options are also very convenient so the rider can choose a larger, more pliable wheel for comfort and top speed or a smaller, harder wheel for quicker acceleration and responsiveness. This is a big reason why some people prefer belt or direct drive boards to hub motors like the Meepo V3. Hub motors can be very harsh over rough roads whereas a belt drive board with Boosted 105s or Cloud wheels will absorb the bumps much better.

Regenerative Braking System

  • Every electric skateboard on the market today uses a form of regenerative braking as the board’s “brakes.” Regenerative braking flips the polarity of the electric motors and begins converting the board and rider’s momentum into electricity to put back in the battery. A board without regenerative braking would have a physical brake like a drum or disc brake system that converts momentum into heat energy.

Remote Control

  • Most new electric skateboards out today come with remotes with “telemetry displays.”  These screens will often show the rider current speed of the board, board battery level, remote battery level, and sometimes an odometer. Sometimes these remotes will give the rider settings to adjust like wheel size so the speed rating is more accurate, generally speaking though we find a quality GPS ride tracking app like “Yours Truly” (on the App Store) to be more accurate.

Warranty and Service

  • Most electric skate companies will support a 6 month warranty from the time that you receive your board. This usually includes replacements or repairs for factory defects.  Some companies have local warehouses in your country that can provide maintenance and repairs whereas others ship you replacement parts and rely on you to do the repairs yourself.

Air Travel

  • Most airlines have a battery capacity limit of 100Wh or 144Wh. Before flying with your board be sure to check your battery size and your airline’s lithium battery policy. If your board battery is too big, see if the company offers a smaller travel battery that meets your airline’s requirements.
  • Flying with electric skateboards can be tricky, as they can be too bulky to carry on and have batteries too large to be checked. All batteries must be removed from checked baggage prior to checking and moved to carry on, where only batteries that meet acceptable size limits may be permitted to be taken on the plane. 
  • If your battery is too large to be taken on a passenger plane, your only option is to ship the battery separately.


We hope the information provided will be helpful to you in making a more educated electric skateboard purchase!

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