Best Electric Skateboards in 2022

1. Lacroix Lonestar Supersport

Best Electric Skateboards in 2022

Price: $4,399.99
Speed: 39 mph
Range: 50 miles
Weight: 52 lbs
ShredLights Compatible: No

The king of electric skateboards, Lacroix never fails to deliver. Their Lonestar Supersport is impressive in every way. This board has immense power and ridiculous range, for anyone looking to shell out over $4,000… this is the board for you. However, with great range and power comes great size and weight.  This would definitely not be ideal for carrying into a store, office, or classroom.


  • Power
  • Range
  • Customer Service


  • Price
  • Weight
  • Lack of Practicality

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