Best Electric Skateboards in 2022

2. Backfire Zealot S

Best Electric Skateboards in 2022

Price: $999.99
Speed: 30 mph
Range: 24 miles
Weight: 19 lbs
ShredLights Compatible: Yes, (front = standard mounts, rear = angled mounts) Backfire Zealot S Lights

The successor to one of the most widely acclaimed boards, the Backfire Zealot, the Zealot S offers a premium, smooth, powerful ride all for under $1000. The Zealot S is a very enjoyable board to ride, the power delivery is smooth and strong and the board still feels very nimble. The deck has a nice amount of flex without being unstable. All in all, it is a very solid and well-rounded board backed by Backfire’s excellent customer service.


  • Smooth throttle/brake curves
  • Build Quality
  • Customer Service


  • Real world range is more like 20 miles instead of claimed 24
  • Motors and ESC get unreasonably hot
  • Off-the-line acceleration may feel too soft for spirited riders

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