Best Electric Skateboards in 2022

5. Revel Kit 4WD (ER)

Best Electric Skateboards in 2022

Price: $1299.99
Speed: 28 mph
Range: 15 miles
Weight: 27 lbs
ShredLights Compatible: Yes, (front = standard mounts, rear = standard mounts) Revel Kit 4WD Lights

Representing direct drive motors on this list is Revel’s 4 wheel drive “kit.” Offering ultimate freedom of deck choice, this is a dream come true for those riders who want more customization. In our acceleration testing we are struggling to find any board that can match the power of the 4wd Revel kit for remotely the same price. Revel’s customer service does often rely on you shipping the kits back to them for any work which can be costly and annoying to go without a board for weeks.


  • Loads of Power and Torque
  • Direct Drive means easy wheel swaps with no belts or belt tension
  • Swappable Batteries


  • Heavier than most other street boards
  • Spare batteries are quite expensive ($199 – $249 each)
  • Direct drive motors have minimal ground clearance and will get beaten up by road debris easily

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