Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning Gold Jewelry At Home

Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning Gold Jewelry At Home

How to Clean Gemstone Ornaments in Gold?

Due to the nature of many colored gemstones, consult your jeweler about the safest at-home cleaning method for any jewelry containing stones other than pure diamonds.

Many natural gemstones are improved or altered after being mined, which affects how you should care for your jewelry.

These stones can be safely cleaned at home using this technique, but the majority of other gemstones, including emeralds, opals, and turquoise, are too porous and fragile and may suffer harm if exposed to these solutions.

Cleaning Gold Jewelry: Dos and Don’ts


1. Do soak the jewelry before and after:

  • It is usually advised to soak the jewelry in cold water or give it a detergent bath before and after.
  • Put the jewelry in hot water after that.

2. Do purchase special cloth:

  • Purchase some cleaning and polishing cloths to help you regularly repolish your jewelry.
  • A number of brands sell products made specifically for metal. It is strongly advised to use the gold dual polishing cloth.

3. When it comes to gemstones, it’s always a good idea to seek counsel:

  • Ask your jeweler for the finest cleaning techniques because each gemstone has a unique set of qualities.
  • For a quick shine, use a gem cloth to wipe your gemstones, which you can get at your neighborhood jeweler.


1. Avoid using strong chemicals:

  • It’s crucial to use the proper cleaning product.
  • If in doubt, test a small area with a cleaning agent that is too strong, such bleach, in a discreet location.

2. Do not use a large brush:

  • Select your brush with care.
  • Cleaning your gold and platinum jewelry is best done using a fresh, baby-sized, soft-bristled toothbrush.
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3. Do not use soap with unknown substances:

  • Read the label before cleaning gold, always. Avoid using soap with unidentified ingredients.
  • Take off any gold jewelry before taking a shower to prevent leaving a film from previous body washes.

While following these steps is the best method to clean your gold jewelry at home, a jeweler’s professional cleaning is still preferable. Jewelers will evaluate your piece for damage and know how to take good care of each type of metal and gemstone. It is advised to see your neighborhood jeweler every two years.