How to Avoid Completely Losing Yourself In A Relationship

How to Avoid Completely Losing Yourself In A Relationship


Spend some alone time. Go out one night by yourself, doing what you enjoy. Perhaps you watch a movie you really enjoy, go hiking on your favorite route, or—no judgment—stay in with a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, and Netflix. Make sure you are content with whatever you decide to do. You just have to please yourself throughout this period.

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is to learn to be alone. Making alone time a holy ritual is a terrific strategy to prevent other people from completely consuming your time.

You won’t require anybody else to make your life full if you learn to be content on your own. After then, it’s up to you to decide who to let into your life.


Your tribe is your group of pals. Keep in touch with those who believe in you and provide you life-changing advice. especially if you are committed to someone. I’m not referring to friendly friends; rather, I’m referring to serious brothers and sisters. The sort who will tell you that your outfit makes you look obese, but you won’t take it personally because they’re just telling you the truth, for the love of God!

One deadly blunder in relationships, particularly young ones, is when women begin prioritizing their boyfriend (who is nice) above their friends (bad). It is much simpler to stay in and be consumed by a horrible relationship for a very long time if you have cut yourself off from your friends and your relationship goes south.

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Give your spouse permission to become your buddy, but not your only friend.


Even though our families are sometimes dysfunctional and oddball, they are still our family. You will require such familial ties, regardless of the love partner you choose. Your family is where your origins are. Find a means to keep connected to your roots if you want to stay connected to yourself.

One of the finest ways I was able to heal from losing myself in that relationship was to rely on my family. They were there to catch me when I fell and they made me think of the person I had always been. Of course, not everyone is fortunate enough to come from a good family.

Keep in touch with the individuals of your family who will help keep you grounded whenever you can.


Keep in mind that borders aren’t barriers. You don’t have to keep every lover at a distance out of concern for your safety. But establishing sound limits from the start is always a good idea. Set ground rules for your connection. How much room do you require? What areas of your life are not allowed? What do you consider to be most important?

A partner will want to establish limits if he wants to have a good relationship with you. It is usually preferable for two independent people to join together while still respecting their respective boundaries and interests.

There must be limits so that no one swallows the other.