How to Avoid Completely Losing Yourself In A Relationship

How to Avoid Completely Losing Yourself In A Relationship


This may seem painfully apparent to you, but is it really?

A spouse isn’t truly loving you if they want you to change from who you are. If you discover someone who really, truly likes you, they won’t anticipate that you will go from their sight. Because they have fallen in love with that identity.

We all have our peculiarities and faults (and believe me, I have a lengthy list!). We anticipate problems and snags in relationships since they are just a fact of life, or at least we should. It need not be flawless, but it must be genuine.

Your lover does not or cannot like the real you if they want you to change everything about yourself to fit into their life or if you find yourself changing to keep them around.


I’ve experienced the moment when you first fall in love and your loving heart’s pitter-patter drowns out your rational thinking.

Emotions are intensified when love is involved. Although those feelings are fantastic and exceptional, reasoning must always take precedence. Nothing is either/or. Both/and apply. We must continue to pay attention to our emotions and thoughts.

Consider your life for a moment and decide what matters to you the most. You’ll need to choose the things you can easily let go of if necessary, as well as the things you cannot let go of for the sake of love.

You may still be deeply in love and still approach the events in your life logically once you view your lover through the prisms of both your heart and your rational thinking. Even while taking a step back and analyzing a relationship might not be what you would generally consider romantic, it is crucial if you want to keep from losing yourself in a relationship.

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When the heart pays attention to the mind, it can function so much better!


As much as it pains us to admit it, not every relationship is healthy and ought to last a lifetime. We occasionally need to let go of a love that is not right for us. It still isn’t easy, though. You’ll probably break down in tears, scream, eat an excessive amount of chocolate, and feel dejected. You’ll then thrive when you survive.

Instead of continuing to be trapped in a relationship where you have lost yourself, it is best to let go of someone who wasn’t healthy for your sense of self.

The clock is running out on your one precious life. Spending an hour becoming absorbed in someone else’s life is a waste. It takes courage and confidence to accept that you might need to end your relationship and move on.

But the first step to rediscovering yourself again is having courage and confidence!

It can be challenging to navigate a love relationship, and there is no one solution that works for everyone. I’ve been in relationships where I let the other person affect who I am, but this time I’m in a relationship where I am still who I always have been. We develop and learn from our errors.

Occasionally, love demands sacrifice. You can never, however, lose anything that makes you, well, YOU. Your beautiful individuality must remain intact.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that no spouse who truly and profoundly loves you will ever desire you to be someone else.

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