Paige Spiranac’s Instagram Photos

Santa’s Little Helper

Everybody loves Christmas season. It’s a time to eat yummy food, spend quality time with your family and loved ones at home, and dress up. So it’s no surprise to see that Paige is ready to welcome in the holiday, donning a Christmas hat, a green cleavage-bearing sweater, red lipstick, and a huge smile.

Paige Spiranac’s Instagram Photos

She looks super adorable, and her smile is contagious to all of her Instagram fans.

Practice Makes Perfect

Golf is not an easy sport – you can never know what kind of game you’re going to play. Paige has said that she loves going to the golf course for this very reason; “because golf is the hardest sport ever.”

Paige Spiranac’s Instagram Photos

We’re not sure if she is before the game or after a great game. She chose a very athletic getup and tight curve-baring shirt and athletic pants. It is true that talent isn’t always enough, and you need practice in order to succeed.

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