Remove Old Scars: Top 10 Medical Remedies Plus Natural Options

Remove Old Scars: Top 10 Medical Remedies Plus Natural Options

Top 10 medical remedies for getting rid of scars

There’s no known way to make scars totally disappear, but many will become lighter over time on their own.

There are also some medical treatments and over-the-counter (OTC) options that can help reduce the appearance of scars.

Silicone gels or sheets

Silicone gels and sheets can be used on healing skin, not open wounds. They’re soft- and flexible-style gels or sheets that are applied like a self-adhesive dressing. They’re designed to help soften the skin and flatten the scar.

Worn daily, they can be washed and reused for up to 3 months. You don’t need a prescription — they can be bought over the counter at your local store.


Corticosteroid injections can be effective at treating certain types of scars, like thick or keloid scars.

They’re injected directly into the scar tissue to help decrease the itching, redness, and burning sensations that these scars may produce. They aren’t used on other types of scars because they can cause a permanent indentation if injected directly into a flat scar.

The injections reduce swelling and flatten the scar. The injections tend to be given on multiple occasions over a series of months. You can ask a doctor if this is something they can offer you.

Laser therapy

Also referred to as laser skin resurfacing or laser scar revision, laser therapy targets blood vessels that can reduce the appearance of a scar.

While it can’t eliminate the scar completely, the pulses of light can make the scar flatter, reduce redness, and lessen pain and itchiness.

Laser therapy is carried out by a doctor or an aesthetic professional.

Dermal fillers

Injectable dermal fillers are gel-like substances injected underneath your skin.

Normally, they’re made from hyaluronic acid, a substance that organically forms occurs in your body. They can sometimes be used to plump pitted scars, for example, if you have deep scarring as a result of acne.

Dermal fillers are injected by a doctor or an aesthetic or dermatology professional.

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