The Most Expensive Divorce Settlements

Steve & Elaine Wynn – $741 million

Businessman and art collector Steve Wynn married Elaine originally in 1963. They were married until 1986. During their marriage, they founded together Mirage resorts in 1976. The couple divorced for the first time in 1986. They reunited a few years later in 1991 and thought that maybe their marriage would work out the second time around. Well, it once again flopped in 2010. During their second marriage, they co-founded Wynn resorts together.

The Most Expensive Divorce Settlements

Steve very publicly split the Wynn Resort share with Elaine and she walked away with $750 million in Wynn stock in the divorce settlement. I guess it was a good idea to marry him for the second time. Today, Steve still serves as the CEO with Elaine as the board director.

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