The Top 20 Shirts Of The 21/22 Season

The Top 20 Shirts Of The 21/22 Season

12. Philadelphia Union Secondary

The “BY|U” kit was designed start-to-finish by a group of fans, the Union Creators’ Collective, and it features a blue base with a tonal lightning pattern with bolt yellow accents – simply striking. Not the first time we’ll see a fan-led design on this list – could this be the way forward?

The Top 20 Shirts Of The 21/22 Season

11. PSG Third

PSG are no strangers to these types of lists, with Nike – and off-shoot Jordan – often bestowing the Parisians with some of the best shirts in the game. With the Jumpman promoted to the home shirt this season, that left Nike with a little more wriggle room in the away and third shirts, and the latter flips the traditional Hectre stripe horizontally in homage to club shirts from the 90s. The toned down colour scheme leaves attention on that centralised club crest in Electric Red. Magnifique.

The Top 20 Shirts Of The 21/22 Season

10. Seattle Sounders Secondary

Top 10 time. Here we get our first – but not last – shirt design inspired by an iconic musician. Drawing inspiration from legendary musical artist and Seattle native Jimi Hendrix, the Seattle Sounders secondary jersey combines purple, orange and yellow as an homage to Hendrix’s love of colour and psychedelic patterns. Absolutely wild.

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