The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Mercury Retrograde in 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Mercury Retrograde in 2022

Suffering from a bad case of saying the wrong thing at the worst time? There’s an explanation in the stars: Its name is Mercury retrograde, and this cosmic event is coming for us four (four!) times in 2022.

The first Mercury retrograde of 2022 begins in Aquarius on Friday, January 14. Then, the planet moves into Capricorn on Tuesday, January 25. When the swift-moving Mercury cruises backward, we can expect frustrating miscommunications, technological meltdowns, and travel mishaps. While the first Mercury retrograde of the year doesn’t officially start until Friday, January 14, its shadow period began on Wednesday, December 29, 2021. During this time, we began to feel the effects of retrograde, although they are less intense than when things go full-swing. 

On top of that, Venus is still retrograde during this time, as it has been since Sunday, December 19. Venus rules love, beauty, and abundance. While the romantic planet is retrograde, it can be trickier to navigate relationships. With Mercury also retrograde during much of this period, it’s not an ideal time to tackle significant relationship conversations. Because Venus also rules money, this may also be a frustrating time to collect outdated invoices or schedule important professional meetings. Thankfully, the lover planet goes direct on Saturday, January 29. Shortly after, the first Mercury retrograde also ends on Thursday, February 3. If you can, hold off on having potentially sensitive conversations surrounding money, sex, and love until both Mercury and Venus end their backward dance.  

While communication will become easier on this date, the shadow period (yes, there’s one on both ends) lingers until Wednesday, February 23. It should be fine to sign important documents again during the shadow period, but make sure to triple-check the fine print. That’s not the only Mercury retrograde of the year — in fact, there are three more to mark down on your calendar for 2022 — and you’ll need to know a bit more about this cosmic event so you can make the most of it.

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