Top 10 Abandoned Skyscrapers From Around The World

There are many skyscrapers that sit empty, abandoned, or in ruin. Sometimes, they outlive their usefulness. Sometimes, they become too dangerous to enter. Sometimes, they are never even completed by the people who set out to build them.

Whatever the reason may be, these buildings have histories and are a constant reminder of what they once were to those who see them in their abandoned state. This list showcases 10 prominent skyscrapers that are now empty.

10 Sterick Building Memphis, Tennessee

Top 10 Abandoned Skyscrapers From Around The World

The Sterick Building was completed in 1930. At that time, it was the tallest building in the Southern United States. It remained the tallest building in Tennessee until 1957 and was known as the “Queen of Memphis.” Primarily used as an office building, it included many amenities that made it a popular site, including a barber shop, a pharmacy, a beauty parlor, stockbrokers’ offices, and its own bank.

The building started to decline in the 1960s. Attempts were made to improve the building, such as a new paint job that replaced the white exterior with the yellow-and-tan coat that it still bears today.

The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. But by the 1980s, it was vacant and still sits empty today. Although there has been a lot of interest in restoring the building, environmental and legal issues have made it difficult to execute any plans to remodel it.

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