Top 10 Abandoned Skyscrapers From Around The World

9 Centro Financiero Confinanzas Caracas, Venezuela

Top 10 Abandoned Skyscrapers From Around The World

In 1990, construction of a new financial center began in Caracas. It was going to be called Centro Financiero Confinanzas, spearheaded by investor David Brillembourg. It was given the nickname “Tower of David.”

Unfortunately, Brillembourg died in 1993. By 1994, a banking crisis had hit and the Venezuelan government took control of the project. Construction has since been at a halt.

The building lacks essential features for it to be habitable, such as running water, electricity, and even windows or walls in some places. However, when Venezuela experienced a massive housing shortage in 2007, thousands of squatters moved into the 45-story building.

In 2014, the government ran an operation to clear the building and move its inhabitants. Despite that action, the building is still unused and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future.

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