Top 10 Most Popular Anime of All Time

Top 10 Most Popular Anime of All Time

8. Sailor Moon

Episodes: 200

Seasons: 5

If you are looking for comedy, romance, dramatic moments, and a great soundtrack, Sailor Moon should be your choice. The romance and comedy here are well balanced with some funny moments and it works well! The characters here are so easy to relate to! They are cute, lovable, and relatable in many ways. This show may seem childish (primarily because of the voices in dubbed version), but it actually covers a lot of issues such as sexuality, violence, and many relationship problems. Many fans of this anime series say that it’s better to avoid the English dubbed version. They recommend that you watch it with subtitles because the voice acting is way better in the original Japanese version.

Sailor Moon is about a regular teenage girl whose life is turned upside down after she learns about her fate. It is revealed that the girl is destined to become a planetary guardian and protect the planet. From then on, she is called the warrior Sailor Moon. She must make allies with the other Sailor Soldiers in order to defend the Earth.

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