Top 100 Most-Followed Instagram Accounts

Top 100 Most-Followed Instagram Accounts

Instagram, being a free platform for sharing pictures and videos, is taking over the world by leaps and bounds. With over 1 billion people using Instagram monthly, it has become the 2nd most used app in the world. Celebrities, political personalities, your favorite bloggers, you name it, all their lives just a click away!

Due to the snowballing popularity of Instagram, it has become a vital source of influencer marketing. But of course, you wouldn’t want your greens to go down the drain, would you? Below is the list of the top 100 Instagrammers that you can pitch for the branding of your product. Happy Marketing!

1. CRISTIANO RONALDO: 206.9 million followers

Top 100 Most-Followed Instagram Accounts

Topping the list, we have Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portugal Footballer, with 327.39 million followers. No kid in the streets is not familiar with this name. With over 34 achievements to his name, including the European Golden Shoe, Player of the Year, Footballer of the Year, etc. Cristiano has made an everlasting impact on the world. Apart from his career achievements, Cristiano is also famous for being the Ambassador of the 3 major charities; Save the Children, UNICEF and World Vision. He has made countless donations and has spoken up for several causes concerning children and poverty, making him not only your child’s favorite, but also your Grandma’s.

Digging into his Instagram, the engagement number on his posts are up to 4.9 million, giving him an overall influence score of 92 out of 100. Cristiano is the top most influencer on Instagram working with various brands some of which are:

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• Pastrana CR7 Lifestyle hotels, a hotel chain in Portugal
• Inspire, hair transplant clinic
• Nike, a sportswear brand
• Herbalife Nutrition, Global nutrition company
• Clear, haircare brand
• MTG, Training Gear Sixpad
• Altice, a cable television
• American Tourister
• Abbott, healthcare company
• CR7 Fitness, gyms
• Meraas
• Seven (qipai), clothing brand
• 7EGEND, a tech brand
• Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy
• CR7 Luxury Underwear

2. ARIANA GRANDE: 177.2 million followers

Top 100 Most-Followed Instagram Accounts

Ariana Grande is an American singer, songwriter and actress who started her career back in 2008 and has about 171.7 million followers. She gained popularity after her role as Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon T.V series ‘Victorious’. With 15 albums to her name and 49 awards, including Billboard Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Grammy etc.

Ari’s name has become a showstopper and has taken over the world like wild fire. After the Manchester Arena Bombing at Ari’s concert, she soared high and won the hearts of all age groups by stepping up and speaking about her mental health, giving confidence to millions of people to open up regarding their emotions. You Go Ari, we’re so proud of you!

Ariana’s Instagram is in the limelight with over 2 million likes on average and an influence score of 92 out of big 100. Some of her Brand Partners are:
• Starbucks
• Reebok
• Givenchy
• Lipsy
• LUXE Brands
• Ultabeauty

3. THE ROCK (Dwayne Johnson): 174.4 million followers

Top 100 Most-Followed Instagram Accounts

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, is an American actor, producer, inventor and a retired professional wrestler. He began his career as a professional wrestler in WWF (World Wrestling Federation) and flourished for 8 years. After that, he pursued his acting career and his films gained a net worth of $10.5 billion.

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He is the bearer of 11 awards including the Teen Choice awards, Kids’ Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards. He was a footballer by nature but after an accident injury, he stepped into the ring as The Rock and got 19 titles to his name. He is also the founder of the Dwayne Johnson Rock Foundation, a charity which works for children with disorders and illness and thus winning the hearts of all generations!

Dwayne Johnson is our mom’s fav on Instagram with 172 million followers, 1.4 million engagement number and with an influence score f 91. Some of his brand partners are:
• Under Armour
• VOSS Water
• Lindsey Vonn

4. SELENA GOMEZ: 170.4 million followers

Top 100 Most-Followed Instagram Accounts

From ‘I Love You Barney!’ to ‘Magic’ to ‘It comes Naturally’ and many more, Selena is our favorite childhood star. She is an American singer, songwriter and television producer. She made her debut in the famous kids T.V series ‘Barney’ and later on became a Disney star due to her wizardly magic in ‘The Wizards of Waverley Place’, followed by her famous films including Another Cinderella Story and Princess Protection Program. She has 46 awards to her name and has launched 12 albums. Selena is also an ambassador of UNICEF and many other charity works such as DoSomething Dot org. Her songs make the perfect sing-alongs on a long car journey with fiends and fam.

Selena takes over Instagram with 169 million followers. Her large fanbase doesn’t disappoint her engagement number which is 5 million and an influence score of 93. Selena is also the highest paid influencer on Instagram, known by the title ‘Queen bee of digital buzz’ . Some of the brands she has collaborated with are:
• Coca Cola
• Kmart
• Pantene
• Coach
• Step up
• Verizon
• Louis Vuitton
• Adidas
• Saint Laurent