Top Bicycle Brands in the World – 2022


1. Trek Bicycle Corporation

Top Bicycle Brands in the World – 2022

Trek got its start in Waterloo, Wisconsin in 1976. According to CNBC, it is the largest bike brand based in the US. Although most of it production has moved overseas, the company still produces some bikes in the US. As of 2014, it was making about 25,000 bicycles domestically each year, which amounted to about half of all bikes produced in the US.

Trek produces a wide range of bike styles, at a full range price points. It makes bikes for men, women and children, as well as biking gear and apparel. Along with traditional foot powered bikes, Trek makes several electric mountain bikes. Bike prices range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

Although Trek might be the most recognizable name the company produces, it has a full line up of brands in its stable. Those other brands include DreamBikes, Bontrager and Electra. Until 2008, the company also produced LeMond cycles, aline of bikes initially developed by Greg LeMond, a US cyclist who won the Tour de France.

2. Connondale

Top Bicycle Brands in the World – 2022

Cannondale is another top bike brand that dates back to the 1970s. While two buddies founded Trek over a glass of beer, Cannonade was birthed over a pickle factory in Connecticut. At first, the company didn’t make bikes but instead produced a bike trailer, accessories and apparel.

In 1983, the brand created its first bike, a touring model. It followed up with a racing bike the next year. In 1997, Cannonade made waves at the Tour de France by having members of the Saeco cycling team (who rode the brand’s bike) ride on aluminum frames. According to company legend, the leader of the Saeco team declared Cannondale bikes to be the best.

Today, the brand produces a range of bikes, including mountain bikes, road bikes and edibikes. It also has models for children, women and tandem bikes. Generally speaking, Cannondale bikes are at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Most of its models are more than $1,000 and even its kid’s bikes are a few hundred dollars each.

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