Top Bicycle Brands in the World – 2022

7. Cervelo

Top Bicycle Brands in the World – 2022

Cervelo is another relatively young bike brand. It got started in 1995 in Canada. The goal of the company is simple: It aims to design the world’s fastest bike. To that end, its probably not a brand that you’re going to check out if you’re new to cycling or if you’re looking for a bike for commuting or occasional use.

But if you regularly feel the need for speed on your bike, whether you’re training for an Ironman or the Tour de France or just enjoy a weekend ride, this might be the brand for you. Cervelo has 5 series  of road bike – the C series, Series, Series, S series and T series.

None of its bikes are cheap. The lowest end models, the S series start around $5000 while the P series easily cost more than $10,000.

8. Orbea

Top Bicycle Brands in the World – 2022

Orbea is a Spanish bike company that began life in 1840 as a rifle company. It didn’t start to make cycles until the 1930s. It employed thousands of Spanish citizens during the era of Civil War and was eventually bought by its employees and turned into a cooperative in the early 1960s.

Then it built a larger factory and began producing recreational bikes as well as road and racing bikes. Today, the company produces a range of recreational bikes, road bikes and electric bikes.

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