Top Fastest Electric Scooters in the World

World’s Fastest Electric Scooters Ranked by 1/16th Mile (99 m) Time

RankScooter99 m Time
1NAMI Burn-E7.9 s
2Kaabo Wolf King GT8.0 s
3Dualtron Thunder II8.5 s
4Kaabo Wolf King8.8 s
5*Dualtron Storm8.9 s
5*Dualtron Thunder8.9 s
7VSett 10+9.0 s
8Wolf Warrior X9.3 s
9Currus Panther9.4 s
10Wolf Warrior 11+9.6 s

* = Tied

We consider the 1/16th mile (99 m) time test to be the gold standard for determining electric scooter acceleration performance, much like the ¼ mile time is for muscle cars. Aside from 99 m being the distance in which most electric scooter acceleration curves flatten out, it’s also relevant to city riding. A typical city block is roughly 120 m, and when you factor in needing some room to slow down before the next light, 99 m is a great fit.

To perform well at this test, the scooter needs both a blend of low-end acceleration as well as respectable top speed. The distance is not so long that it favors scooters with the absolute highest top speed; it is not so short that it favors only scooters with excellent acceleration off the line.

Only scooters with measured 1/16th mile times on the ESG test track have been included.

World’s Fastest Electric Scooters Ranked by 0 – 48 kmh Time

Only scooters with measured 0 – 48 kmh times on the ESG test track have been included.

RankScooter48 kmh
1NAMI Burn-E3.7 s
2Kaabo Wolf King GT3.8 s
3Dualtron Thunder II4.4 s
4*Dualtron Storm4.9 s
4*Kaabo Wolf King4.9 s
6Dualtron Thunder5.0 s
7Kaabo Wolf Warrior 115.2 s
8*VSett 10+5.3 s
8*Qiewa QPower5.3 s
10Kaabo Wolf Warrior X5.7 s

* = Tied

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Top Fastest Electric Scooters in the World

While most riders don’t spend a whole lot of time at top speed, we do spend a lot of time between 0 and 48 kmh. Whether pulling out into traffic, or merging left into a left-hand turn lane, a scooter with a quick 0 to 48 kmh time makes life easy when it comes to blending with traffic. These are the 10 scooters that do it best.