Top Must-Know Luxury Watch Brands

Top Must-Know Luxury Watch Brands

11. Breguet

As one of the oldest watchmakers in existence, Breguet has earned their respect both in Switzerland and the rest of the world of watchmaking. Throughout the years, Breguet has been credited with numerous innovations and praised for the horological genius that brought about its fame making them one of the most noteworthy watchmakers. Breguet’s founding father, Abraham-Louis Breguet was attributed to innovating the rotor system that is used in automatic (self-winding) mechanical watches that are loved by so many today. He also invented the tourbillon which is one of the most coveted complications in the industry. Having one in your watch (see image below) is a major sign of a watch’s prestige so just imagine the prestige as a watchmaker for having invented it. 

Having such talent naturally attracts the right type of clientele and over the years, Breguet watches have donned the wrists of aristocrats and the social elite around the world. Many Breguet watches have their signature “coined edge” which can easily be spotted along the side of the case. Their many collections include top-shelf luxury watches for both men and women. Some of the more popular collections include the Breguet Marine, the famous Reine de Naples, Breguet Grand Complications,  the Type XX, Type XXI, and Type XXII collections, the Heritage collection, the Tradition, and of course, the Breguet Classique.

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