Top Must-Know Luxury Watch Brands

Top Must-Know Luxury Watch Brands

12. IWC Schaffhausen

A famous watch brand lineup without IWC would be a sin. Being one of those old luxury watch brands that date back to 1869, IWC was the first watchmaker to use the lightweight metal titanium in this age-old craft and is most likely best known for the Portuguese collection of watches which is now known as the IWC Portugieser. IWC is innovative and sets out to outperform themselves and others with every watch they make. They are a luxury watch company that takes horology seriously producing mechanically complex watches which include tourbillons, minute repeaters, moon phase, and chronograph complications.

IWC is also known for some impressive and trendy limited edition watches such as the IWC Pilot Chronograph Le Petit Prince. Their watches have an interesting history and in many cases a fascinating backstory that brings their watches to life. IWC crafts breathtaking mechanical movements that are finished to perfection. While their watches are mainly made for everyday wear they do have certain models that are likely to become prized possessions for any watch collectors.

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