Top Must-Know Luxury Watch Brands

Top Must-Know Luxury Watch Brands

13.  TAG Heuer

This watchmaker is one of the more popular brands that has been sensationalized ever since the brand’s acquisition by fashion conglomerate LVMH, but their history starts long before that happened. With many watches of their gaining international acclaim such as the iconically square-shaped Monaco that was featured in major films and worn by Hollywood hot-shots. All fashion-world achievements aside, let’s focus on the horological trophies that they have accomplished. Such as a high-complication tourbillon-chronograph Chronometer featured below known as the 02T. Their various collections are a good mix of classic watches and racing-themed chronographs, to water-resistant sports models. This watchmaker has been on the up-and-up constantly outdoing themself, and thus, definitely worth mentioning in this list.

Many might ask a question like “What are Good Watch Brands?”  “What is The Best Watch Brand?” or “What is a good watch brand for a man?”. Well, that really depends on the type of watch you are looking for. There are many great brands out there. Many are the best at a certain type of watch and some are very good at many types of watches but not necessarily the best at any one particular type. Some watch brands are preferred over others when it’s the type of watch that you want to keep in the family as an heirloom because they hold their value the best. Other companies are known for dive watches and make the best diver watches or even the best chronograph watches.

Some brands such as the trinity mentioned at the beginning of this article are considered to be the most luxurious watch brands. That is at least they are the top 3 watch brands when it comes to Swiss watchmakers. There are many fancy watch brands out there and let’s be frank, most of them come with Swiss watch brand names. That said, many would argue that a German brand called A Lange & Söhne is the most distinguished watch brand and possibly better than any of the three best Swiss watchmakers in the trinity or at the very least on par with Patek Philippe. Why were they not in the top 5 watch brands on this list? Possibly because they are in a league of their own. They are one of the most respected watch brands ever to exist. Many other watchmakers should probably be mentioned in this article including Girard Perregaux, Roger Dubuis, Arnold & Son, Richard Mille, Officine Panerai, BVLGARI, and many more. However, we’re trying to keep this concise.

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It’s a challenging subject to discuss watch brand ranking when many watches have a specific purpose that they were designed for. A good example of this would be a brand like Breitling who makes excellent watches for professionals, specifically aeronautical professionals. They make very popular men’s watches and are definitely considered to be one of the nice watch brands to own. They would certainly be ranked high up on a top list for professionals. However, not everyone is a pilot or an astronaut which is why we didn’t include them in the top 10 watch brand list.