Top Must-Know Luxury Watch Brands

Top Must-Know Luxury Watch Brands

5. Ulysse Nardin

In 1846 a Ulysse Nardin opened its manufacture. At the time it was not more than a watch stand, but soon became one of the powerhouses in the watch industry. They create everything from classic minimalist designed series such as the San Marco Classico to the flashy and complicated Hour Striker, Sonata, and El Toro GMT +/- Perpetual Calendar collections. Other modern collections include the Quadrato Dual Time and Dual Time Perpetual. Ulysse Nardin is quite famous for their marine chronometers such as the Maxi Marine Chronometer and their Marine Chronograph, with their marine watches Ulysse Nardin has cornered a segment in timekeeping where they truly shine brighter than the North Star.

That’s not to say that this watchmaker can only produce a high-end marine watch, Ulysse Nardin makes many types of stunning watches including the Caprice (a ladies collection), the unconventionally looking “Freak” series with its carrousel tourbillon complication, and its impressive 7-day power reserve and of course their super high-end Royal Blue Tourbillon, some with a list price of over $1.2 Million giving them a place in Haute Joaillerie and Haute Horlogerie. This is why they were included in the top 5 luxury watch brands.

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