Top NFT Game apps 2022 and their features

1. Axie Infinity

Top NFT Game apps 2022 and their features

Because of its popularity and large user base, this app tops our list of best NFT game apps for 2020. A vital part of this game is the digital pet called Axis. Axie Infinity is at the forefront of the “play to earn” model, where players own the in-game items.

As expected, those digital pets are tradable on Ethereum NFT marketplaces, where the rate of each of these digital pets depends on its rarity and specific traits.

To begin playing the game, you need three Axes. Every time you complete a quest, PVP battle, and journey mode, you earn Smooth Love Portion (SMP), which is the platform’s native ERC-20 application tokens.

Each time you attempt to breed a brand new Axy, you need to pay a specific quantity of SLPs, and you may additionally purchase them at exchanges. Another ERC20 Token for Axie Infinity is AXIS Infinity Shard (AXS). It has capabilities because of the governance token. It will even anchor a game’s stakeholder scheduled to stay in some undefined time in the future in 2022. It is available for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android.

2. Nine Chronicles

Top NFT Game apps 2022 and their features

It’s free to play a role playing game, but this one has a technical twist. Like other role-playing games, you’re an adventurer who collects loot, kills monsters, battles other players, and explores a vast fantasy world.

What makes Nine Chronicles different is its underlying technology. It’s a decentralized network of gamers and miners who share files and communicate through a peer-to-peer network.

It doesn’t mean that just any one company owns a central server. As long as there are players, the entire online world will continue to be played. It is playable on Windows, but its Steam Early Access is coming soon.

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