Top NFT Game apps 2022 and their features

3. Town Star

Top NFT Game apps 2022 and their features

This game is developed by the creators of Farmville and Words With Friends. Town star runs on an annual cycle. Every Tuesday at midnight, the world map resets, and all the players begin from zero. You’re building your farm, hiring people, selling, and trading to become the most productive and successful farm in the world.

At the end of each cycle, the winning farmer receives gala tokens, NTFs, and more. The competition in this game is increasing at a fast rate because of its huge prizes, which can be worth millions of dollars. Town Star’ s beta version can be played in any modern browser.

4. Lost Relics

Top NFT Game apps 2022 and their features

It’s an ARPG following the tradition of Diablo (a popular game). Complete quests, kill enemies, conquer dungeons, and collect rare items.

And these loot boxes come in two ways: Blockchain and virtual. Virtual items are those things that we’re all used to seeing in games, such as weapons, armor, and accessories, which the game’s developers control and maintain.

On the other hand, blockchain objects are decentralized; a user is free to use, sell, transfer, and even discard them, but the developer cannot do anything about it.

Lost Relics is a free-to-play game with an optional paid membership to unlock perks and features. It’s currently available for Mac and Windows computers. But there are only so many available slots.

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