Top NFT Game apps 2022 and their features

5. Splinterlands

Top NFT Game apps 2022 and their features

Can you remember how easy it was to play Pokemon and WWE card games? The Splinterlands is an online game where players fight monsters and collect treasure. You build your deck by choosing different fighters, abilities, or stats. You then battle other players on the battleground.

For every win, your rank goes up, unlocking higher-level items and more rewards. What makes Splinterlands stand out from the rest of the NFT games is that the cards are actually NFTs. This means that players are free to trade, buy, and sell their cards however they want. Splinterlands is for PC, Mac, and iPad.

6. Sorare

Top NFT Game apps 2022 and their features

There is nothing like a European football fan base. So rare is another card collecting/football game. Imagine a 5-a side fantasy football on a worldwide scale. It features football players from different leagues around the globe.

With Sorare Cards, you can build your own virtual team and join active teams. The cards are an XO based on the player‘s performance in real-world football matches. Every point you gain makes your team stronger; this gives you the chance to compete in higher leagues and win bigger prizes.

One of Cristiano Ron­aldo’s cards was sold for $300,000, making it the most expensive football card ever sold in the NFT market. With 135 licensed football clubs, cover­ing 23 leagues. Sorare is playable across any browser.

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