What Are the Top 10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies?

What Are the Top 10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies?

Looking for growth marketing strategies proven to be the most effective for generating leads and driving business? This article is designed to help you explore the best marketing tactics for any business situation — whether B2B or B2C! Below you’ll find two routes — one for B2B and another for B2C businesses. Click or scroll to learn about the strategies that match your business situation and explore the best approaches to deploy for your business’s marketing plan.

Top 10 B2B Marketing Strategies

Curious about what business professionals think of different marketing strategies. We took a look at recent survey results and reports that compiled data on the topic, and created a list of 10 B2B marketing strategies commonly recognized as successful regardless of industry. Here’s what we found, in no particular order:

What Are the Top 10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies?

Content Marketing

Content marketing emphasizes education over selling to influence buying behavior. This strategic marketing approach focuses on creating and distributing information relevant to prospects’ needs in order to attract those best aligned with — and most likely to purchase — your product or service. Since communication is ongoing, content can be tailored to reflect what you learn about leads over time, and may include varied formats like infographics, webpages, podcasts, videos, blogs, white papers, webinars, and eBooks. It’s important to note that content marketing is not synonymous with inbound marketing (more on inbound below). Content marketing is an important component to an overall inbound growth strategy, but it does not integrate other marketing methodologies to maximize content value.

Content marketing is effective because it:

  • Draws prospects through the sales funnel
  • Grows brand visibility, credibility, and desirability
  • Aligns target markets with relevant information

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