What Is an MBA? All About the MBA Degree and MBA Programs

What Is an MBA? All About the MBA Degree and MBA Programs

MBA admissions: Applying for an MBA

What are the standard MBA admission requirements? Most business schools require an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification and a minimum level of work experience.

You’ll need to prepare your application materials—resume, essays, recommendation letters, and GMAT—before applying by an MBA application round deadline. If successful, you’ll progress to an interview before getting a final offer of acceptance.

Applying to business school can be competitive, with MBA acceptance rates for top-ranked MBA programs as low as 8.9 percent, at Stanford, although most top-tier programs admit 20-to-60 percent of applicants, according to BusinessBecause.

The GMAT exam is a key performance indicator for business schools, but schools consider your holistic profile, looking at all aspects of your application together.

“Strong candidates have a habit of leadership in past and current endeavors, analytical appetite and curiosity, and a penchant for contributing to the success of a community. We want to get to know each applicant and to try to understand how s/he will contribute in our classrooms and community,” says Chad Losee, Harvard Business School’s MBA admissions director.

Now you know what an MBA is and how an MBA can benefit your career, it’s time to take the next step and apply. The MBA application process requires organization and perseverance, and you’ll need to do your research to find the business school that best matches your personality, areas of interest, and career goals.

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