Your 2022 horoscope


Your 2022 horoscope

Your inner life is about to get so much richer, Aries. As the guru planet, Jupiter, spends the year toggling between your twelfth house of spirituality and your first house of self, you’re starting a new cycle of growth! While standing in that liminal space between the present and the future may feel like being in suspended animation, you might develop an interest in some of life’s deeper mysteries. Your sense of spirituality will be enhanced, so don’t hesitate to explore topics that spark your curiosity. Lastly, consider doing volunteer work. Because now, the more you give, the more you will get! 


Your 2022 horoscope

What an exciting year you have in store, Taurus. In 2022, you’re about to have a meeting with your own destiny as the eclipses (solar April 30, lunar November 8) in your sign align you with a deeper sense of meaning. In a way, everyone will be aspiring to be more like you, which should make you feel comfortable in your own skin. As magnanimous Jupiter activates your eleventh house of community this year, the more you connect with people, the more you will grow this year—especially as Jupiter aligns with Neptune (April 12) and sextiles Uranus and Pluto (February 17, May 3). 

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