Your 2022 horoscope


Your 2022 horoscope

For you, Leo, the name of the game is transformation as this year’s focus requests that you let go of your old self so a new version of you can emerge. It will be a busy year in terms of career, which could feel overwhelming at times. When life gets hectic, rely on your sense of spirituality, as it is in this space where you will find a sense of grounding and joy. This year’s eclipses (April 30, May 15, October 25, and November 8) involve your planetary ruler, the Sun—when the universe will ask you to go with the flow and make considerable life changes. You got this!


Your 2022 horoscope

Get ready for a major tune-up Virgo. Next year’s intrepid energy will not only change your mindset about life, it will ask you to expand your horizons like never before. As electric Uranus and the Nodes of Destiny stimulate your ninth house of philosophy, your thirst for knowledge, experience, and culture will grow. This might mean signing up for school, going on a big trip, or interacting with very interesting people. And while getting out of your comfort zone could feel scary at times, there are major downloads of inspiration available to you when you dare to take big risks!

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