Your 2022 horoscope


Your 2022 horoscope

You most likely experienced a few surprises in 2021—and in 2022, this trend will deepen as your eighth house of transformation gets activated by Uranus’ erratic influence. As the unexpected knocks at your door, remember that when certain doors close, others will open. Lucky Jupiter in your seventh house will look out for you by bringing the correct support your way in the form of partnerships—romantic and business. After all, Libra, this year is all about coming to terms with what it means to harness your power. So, instead of letting the unexpected trip you out, trust that the universe has your back!


Your 2022 horoscope

What a time to be you, Scorpio! You made a lot of changes in 2021, and in 2022, life gets even more exhilarating. As Saturn, Uranus, and the Nodes of Destiny team up to bring electricity to key areas of your chart, a completely new version of yourself starts brewing under the surface. Good thing you are a master at reinvention! As you shed your old skin, pay attention to the synchronicities, as they will be all around you—pointing you in the right direction. During the year ahead, new partnerships (romantic and business), fun, creativity, and inspiration find you when you let go of what no longer serves you.

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