Your 2022 horoscope


Your 2022 horoscope

You’re heading into one of your best years yet, Sagittarius! With your planetary ruler, Jupiter, strongly positioned in Pisces, you have all the cosmic help you need to make something big happen. But regardless of what your deepest desires are, there’s one major key to manifesting them: having a clear target! This is especially true around mid-April, when your propensity to overdoing things could get you lost in a fog of confusion. In 2022, growth, inspiration, and romance are at your fingertips. You can have it all if you are able to stay realistic, organized, and keep your eyes on the prize!


Your 2022 horoscope

Are you ready to meet face-to-face with your own destiny, Capricorn? The year ahead has a unique flavor for you as your planetary ruler, Saturn, clashes with the Nodes of Destiny! This is a time-traveling and karmic influence that will see you run into people, places, and opportunities that will help you get to your desired destination. This is especially true around May 3, when Jupiter sextiles Pluto in your sign to give your words and thoughts the power to reshape your reality. Lastly, synchronicity will play a major role for you this year, so pay attention to the signs while being open to the shifts the universe asks from you. 

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